Mental Health Stress Test : Are You Depressed?

 Are You Depressed?

Answer the questions below truthfully to know whether you are currently a depression or not.

I. Do you feel sad at this moment?

  1. I don’t feel sad.
  2. I feel sad.
  3. I am sad all the time and cannot change it.
  4. I am so sad or not excited that I totally dislike.


II. What are your expectations for the future?

  1. I’m not discouraged about the future.
  2. I feel discouraged about the future.
  3. I feel don’t have anything expected.
  4. I feel no hope in the future and everything can not be improved.


III. Do you feel a failure?

  1. I don’t feel a failure.
  2. I feel has failed more than the average person.
  3. When I look at the past, all I can see is a lot of failure.
  4. I feel I was the one that failed miserably.


IV. Do you feel a sense of satisfaction in life?

  1. I get a lot of satisfaction from many things, as usual.
  2. I do not enjoy such things as usual.
  3. I am no longer got the satisfaction of every thing.
  4. I am not satisfied and get bored with everything.


V. Did you feel guilty of anything?

  1. I don’t feel guilty.
  2. I feel guilty in a fraction of the time.
  3. I feel a bit guilty of most of the time.
  4. I feel guilty all the time.


VI. Do you have a natural failure as punishment?

  1. I don’t feel being punished.
  2. I feel may be punished.
  3. I predicted I was punished.
  4. I feel I am being punished.


VII. Do you feel disappointed with your self?

  1. I don’t feel disappointed at myself.
  2. I am disappointed in myself.
  3. I was disgusted with myself.
  4. I hate myself.


VIII. Do you still have an interest in other people?

  1. I don’t lose interest in other people.
  2. I am less interested in other people than usual.
  3. I lost most of my interest in other people.
  4. I lost all my interest in other people.


IX. Do you can make an informed decision?

  1. I made the decision as best as I can.
  2. I put off making decisions more than usual.
  3. I am very difficult to make decisions than usual.
  4. I can’t make a decision at all.


X. Do you feel yourself worse than usual?

  1. I don’t feel look worse than usual
  2. I am concerned that I look old or unattractive.
  3. I feel there is a change in my appearance settled on that makes me look unattractive.
  4. Am I sure that I look bad.


XI. Can you work as usual?

  1. I can work as good as usual.
  2. I need the extra effort to start working on something.
  3. I have to be very force myself to do something.
  4. I can not work at all.


XII. Can  you sleep soundly?

  1. I can sleep as good as usual.
  2. I sleep more easily than usual.
  3. I am tired after doing most of the work.
  4. I am too tired to do anything.


XIII. Do you easily feel tired?

  1. I don’t feel tired more than normal.
  2. I am tired more easily than usual.
  3. I am tired after doing most of the work.
  4. I am too tired to do anything.


XIV. Whether your appetite decreased?

  1. My appetite is no worse than usual.
  2. My appetite is not as good as usual.
  3. My appetite much worse now.
  4. I have no appetite at all.


XV. Do you always feel guilty?

  1. I don’t feel worse than others.
  2. I’m critical of myself for my mistakes or weaknesses.
  3. I blame myself for my mistakes all the time.
  4. I blame myself for any bad things that happen.


XVI. Do you want to kill yourself?

  1. I don’t think to commit suicide.
  2. I think to commit suicide but will not do so.
  3. I want to commit suicide.
  4. I will commit suicide if there is opportunity.


XVII. Are you currently feeling the disruption on health?

  1. I have nothing more to worry about health than usual.
  2. I am concerned about physical problems such as aches and pains or gastric disorders or kontipasi.
  3. I am very concerned about physical problems, and it’s hard to think of many other things.
  4. I am so worried about my physical problem so that I can not do other things.


XVIII. Do you always cry?

  1. I don’t cry any more than usual.
  2. I cry more now than usual.
  3. I cry all the time now.
  4. I usually can cry, but now I can not cry though I want to.


XIX. Do you still have interest in sex?

  1. I don’t notice any change interest in sex lately.
  2. I am less interested to sex than usual.
  3. I have very less interested to sex now.
  4. I completely lost interest in sex.


XX. Do you feel annoyed?

  1. Now I am not more upset than usual.
  2. I am more easily distracted or irritated than usual.
  3. Now I am feeling irritated all the time.
  4. I am not upset at all by the created things that usually make me annoyed.


XXI. Do you feel your weight decrease?

  1. If there is weight loss, I haven’t experienced it a lot lately.
  2. My weight was reduced more than 2.5 Kg.
  3. My weight decreases of more than 5 Kg.
  4. My weight was reduced more than 7.5 Kg.



0 – 9                : Normal.

10 – 15            : symptoms of mild Depression.

16 – 19            : symptoms of mild Depression.

20 – 29            : symptoms of depression Are severe.

30                     : the symptoms of severe depression.


Abstracted from an examination of Beck For Screening depression.


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